Wow! It’s been a year since I updated this blog. 2021 was a very difficult year. That January surgery did not go well. When all was said and done, I spent two full weeks in the hospital. That stay ended with massive panic attacks.

Without goinginto full detail, I spent more than 9 weeks in the hospital in 2021. It ended with a stay in the hospital for my kidneys. I had stents in both ureters. The left stent has been removed, but the right one will likely stay in for much of the year. Chances are good that at some point this year I will have a protectomy.

With Covid being what it is, it’s been awhile since my mom and I went to church. There’s no social distancing and few people are wearing masks.We are being verycareful so that none of us get Covid. Even though ththe three of us are all boosted, we’re being very careful. Covid has been bad in recent weeks. Thankgoodness for the Come Follow Me curriculum. I’ve decided to be better about doing it. As a result I bought the study helps for “Don’t Miss This” on Deseret Book. I know without the extra help, I’ll get lost in the Old Testament. The people behind “Don’t Miss This” are terrific.

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